Sheetfed Fountain Concentrates

Prisco formulas address regulatory guidelines and the specifications of major press manufacturers. All sheetfed concentrates are buffered to resist pH drift caused by alkaline paper, contain anti-piling ingredients and are formulated to eliminate algae and fungus growth. These concentrates in turn produce cleaner reverses, enable better ink lay-down and assist in producing superior trapping.

The following are our most popular formulas for use on sheetfed presses (other formulas are available to accommodate variables such as press dampening configuration, incoming water characteristics, ink type and substrates used).


Prisco fountain concentrates are available in various packaging formats depending on the region of purchase.  For North America, these include: 5-US Gallon (18.9 Liter) cubes, 30-US Gallon (113.6 Liter) plastic drums, 55-US Gallon (208 Liter) plastic drum and 275-US Gallon (1041 Liter) totes. For Europe, these include: 25 Liter plastic drums, 200 Liter plastic drums and 1000 Liter IBC.