Questar CTP 350

A one-step formula that works well with energy curable (LED, H-UV, UV) inks.

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Questar CTP 350 is a sheet-fed one-step alcohol-free fountain concentrate designed for presses with continuous-type dampening systems that are running either conventional or energy-curable inks. The product is designed for use with water that has low – medium alkalinity and is recommended for situations where Questar CTP 300F is not “wet” enough. It works especially well with energy-curable (LED, H-UV, and UV) type inks. This product is not Fogra-approved.

  • H2O Alkalinity : low – medium
  • Mix oz/gal(%) : 5 – 8 (3.9 – 6.25%)
  • pH : 4.8 – 5.2
  • Alk/Sub oz/gal(%) : N/A
  • One-step, conventional & energy-curable (LED, H-UV, UV)

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