Priscobond 200 Series

PriscoBond is a superior line of adhesives designed and formulated by Prisco. The PriscoBond product line and proprietary formulas cover the entire gamut of print production applications including: Web Press, Bindery, Envelope Manufacture, Packaging, and Folding Carton. We have developed Formulations for difficult cover stocks, Non-warp properties, Clear non-tearing, non-staining fugitive adhesives and Excellent tack, easy peel-off adhesives with no migration.

Product Suggestions

  • Hot melt Fugitive: PB 209 (For more aggressive tack on coated stock choose PB 212, our most aggressive fugitive.)
  • Cold Fugitive: PB 208 (Low tack. Perfect for adhering inserts into newspapers)
  • Perfect Bind Spine (White): PB 219
  • Perfect Bind Spine (Natural): PB 219N
  • Cool Bind: PB 224 (Applied at 250-275 degrees)
  • Perfect Bind Side (Pressure Sensitive): PB 229
  • Perfect Bind Side: (Non-pressure sensitive) PB 231 (Low temp side: PB 233 )
  • Padding (Basic cold glue): PB 282M
  • Padding Hot Melt (Clear): PB 283