Priscobond 300 Series

Adhesives for Envelope Manufacturing

PriscoBond Seam glues can be run at high speeds with no “spitting” – maintaining excellent adhesion on most stocks. Our Remoistenable glues for envelope seals are high-tack and lay-flat with superb adhesion. PriscoBond Window glues are non-spitting and will not stain security envelopes. Self-Seal glues are two-way, dry stick – adhering only to themselves with no blocking.

Product Suggestions

  • Seam – Envelope forming (Standard Back Gum): PB 310H
  • Remoistenable – “Seal” or “front Gum”: PB 320N
  • Window Glue – “Cello” glue, non-pressure sensitive: PB331F
  • Self Seal – two-sided application. Front seal – only sticks to itself: PB340D
  • Self Seal – two-sided application. Glue only sticks to itself: PB340H