SpeedyDry Ink Drier Additive

SpeedyDry® High Performance Ink Drier is a revolutionary formula that greatly accelerates the rate drying in inks by catalyzing cross-linking reactions much more effectively than previously existing driers. SpeedyDry has proven to dry offset and duplicator inks up to 75% faster allowing jobs to move into Binding or Finishing in record time, and thus increasing a printing company’s productivity, capacity, and customer satisfaction. Eliminated are raw material and labor costs on such processes as slip sheeting and aqueous coating when done solely to move the job to downstream operations faster. All this improves the printing company’s bottom line.

Advantages of SpeedyDry include:

  • Savings in labor and lost production time used in slip sheeting and/or using small paper lifts to eliminate offsetting of ink
  • A reduction in work-in-process inventory with concurrent improvements in profitability
  • A reduction in the level of experience and skill necessary to run difficult press jobs
  • A reduction in the reliance on very expensive specialty “fast drying” inks with a concurrent reduction of ink inventory
  • More flexible scheduling of jobs requiring multiple ink passes due to the shorter ink drying times made possible by SpeedyDry. This may result in more overall production capacity.

SpeedyDry is an extremely easy to use product. However, it must be stored upside down to eliminate the formation of skin on the surface. For this reason, a chrome stand has been designed, which holds an open bottle upside down, is available to our customers. Attached to the stand is a newly designed User’s Manual. The manual includes not only mixing instructions but also, valuable information on the performance of SpeedyDry in many applications.

SpeedyDry is available in 16-ounce squeeze bottles, six-packs of 16-ounce bottles, and gallon jugs with a pump top.