FloClear Fountain Solution Filtration

FloClear can assist you in minimizing your environmental impact by reducing overall pressroom waste. During press operation, ink, paper fiber and other contaminants build up in your fountain solution. These contaminants negatively impact print quality and as the fountain solution degrades, it becomes so contaminated that it needs to be replaced.

This is where FloClear comes to the rescue. It recirculates the fountain solution through a unique, multi-stage filtration system that separates all of the contaminants out of the fountain solution while leaving in the critical ingredients formulated by the chemical manufacturer. This unique process can virtually eliminate fountain solution dumping and extend the life of the fountain solution for as long as six months or more.

With the FloClear System, printers can reduce their costs and improve productivity in an area that has been traditionally neglected. Simply eliminating dampening system maintenance and trouble-shooting will typically add 1-2 hours of productivity per week. By extending the life of the fountain solution, waste hauling costs will be dramatically reduced. (If you are not hauling, FloClear will greatly reduce the copper, zinc, ink, glycols, phosphates and suspended solids going into the drain, lessening your environmental liabilities.)

These FloClear systems incorporate a PLC controller that provides low flow and high pressure shut-down and alarms with a digital readout that indicates what the operator needs to do to rectify the fault. This feature protects the pump from running dry or short-cycling. Additionally, it keeps track of the life cycle of cartridges. The controller also provides a timer for a duty cycle and for controlling the Splitter Option.

Note: Productivity, D-07 and HS products incorporate a PLC controller with low-flow and high-pressure protection, high-temperature shutdown and warning beacon. FloClear is a registered trademark of FloClear L.L.C. Plano, TX. (Patent # 6,908,558 & 7,087,159 & 7,112,282. Other patents pending.)