Pressroom Audit & LithoChek™

Pressroom Audit

A full Pressroom Audit is available to our Prisco Alliance Program customers. During the audit, our sales and technical staff conducts interviews with your your production staff, observing your pressroom procedures, and conducts a thorough Product Usage Analysis. This analysis cross references all products currently in use, enables us to eliminate product duplication and minimizes overall chemical consumption, thereby reducing your potential liability from chemical handling.

Our technical experts go over printing equipment in the plant to evaluate condition settings and performance. Our technical experts measure and analyze printed results from your equipment to assist you in characterizing your printing conditions. A comprehensive report is then generated and presented to the management of the plant with recommendations which will result in improvements to your manufacturing operations.

Prisco LithoChek™

  • Are you getting the most out of your pressroom?
  • How do the presses in your plant compare with one another?
  • Should you accept a particular job or will it be a problem?
  • Are your maintenance procedures adequate?

LithoChek is a program from Printers’ Service which can assist you in benchmarking press performance. Prisco’s experienced pressroom specialists will assist you in obtaining the necessary measurements and interpreting the results. Based upon the results, our personnel can make suggestions to optimize performance in your pressroom. The initial benchmark serves as a fixed point of comparison to validate the effectiveness of actions which are intended to improve pressroom performance.

How The LithoChek™Program Benefits You

  • A review of your print quality will assist you in achieving:
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • A closer match between press sheet and proof
  • A better competitive position – print a wider variety of jobs
  • Increased sales, profit and productivity

To learn more about our LithoCheck program, click on the link.