Flexo Adhesives

PriscoBond is a superior line of adhesives that covers the entire gamut of print production applications including Web Press, Bindery, Envelope Manufacture, Packaging, and Folding Carton. For difficult cover stocks, we carry a wide variety of adhesive types that are non-warping, non-tearing, and non-staining with no migration. Some of our key products for the Flexographic industry are listed below:

Product Suggestions

  • UV Laminating Adhesives: EBond 211, EBond 216
  • UV Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: EBond 217
  • UV Silicone Release Coating (low viscosity): E-Cure SR-100
  • UV Free Radical Release Coating: E-Cure SR-110
  • Aqueous Adhesive Coatings: QAC-200, QBond 257
  • Aqueous Primer Coating: QPC-100
  • Aqueous Release Coatings:  QRC-150, QRC-151

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