Heatset & Packaging Fountain Solutions

Prisco Heatset and Packaging Web press concentrates are tailored for every web press configuration and dampening system; brush, continuous or conventional. These one-step products run without the need for additional wetting additives. With their broad buffering capabilities, they are suitable for most water conditions. Formulations for Packaging Web applications provide optimum performance with all UV drying configurations, inks and substrate combinations. Our products are designed to control all major printing issues which cause roller stripping and plate blinding.

A number of  Prisco formulations meet press manufacturers specifications as certified by FOGRA. Should you have specific regulatory and environmental concerns, you will easily find the optimum solution from our broad range of Heatset and Packaging Web products. The following are our most popular formulas for use on Heatset Web presses (other formulas are available to accommodate variables such as press dampening configuration, incoming water characteristics, ink type, and substrates used).


Prisco fountain concentrates are available in various packaging formats depending on the region of purchase. For North America, these include: 30-US Gallon (113.6 Liter) plastic drums, 55-US Gallon (208 Liter) plastic drum and 275-US Gallon (1041 Liter) totes. For Europe, these include: 25 Liter plastic drums, 200 Liter plastic drums and 1000 Liter IBC.