Environmental Resources

As a chemical manufacturer, Prisco is well versed on environmental issues and is available for consultation. Our expertise in reducing your impact on the environment begins with chemical products that reduce VOCs and plant emissions. These include low VOC washes and our technical knowledge of how to reduce or eliminate alcohol from your pressroom.

Through our creative chemical recycling strategies, we can assist you in reducing your hazardous waste streams, recycling your solvents, and removing hazardous waste from your facility. Prisco has a range of PriscoTech chemical recycling equipment to substantially reduce the need to haul chemicals from the plant. Finally, Prisco was one the first companies to offer a solution to reduce the amount of fountain solution used in the printing process through FloClear™.

Prisco will be glad to assist you in addressing other regulatory issues including providing you with accurate information required for VOC and HAPS reporting for all your Prisco products.

This helps in reducing your liability and allows for business expansion.

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