Aqueous Coatings

Prisco manufactures aqueous coatings in our “state-of-the-art” ISO 9001 certified facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. The unsurpassed quality of all products is assured through certification of all incoming raw materials and laboratory quality assurance. With over 100 technical field representatives throughout North America, Prisco is well positioned to provide on-site support for all coating products. Prisco aqueous coatings are available in a number of high gloss, satin, and matte finishes.

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Q1000 Series – Gloss Work and Turn Coatings

The Q1000 series for two-sided application is available in a wide variety of gloss finishes, drying speeds and slip characteristics. Most formulations in this series allow for over-coating of UV coating, oil based varnishes and aqueous coatings, permitting spot coating. Other formulations allow for application of film laminates, hot foil stamping and laser imprinting.

Q2000 Series – Gloss Single-Sided Coatings

The Q2000 series are designed for folding carton and other single-sided applications. This series has been developed to provide excellent hold out when applied to CCNB, SBS and other types of folding carton stock. Formulations are available for specific slide angle requirements and specific rub- and scuff-resistance levels.

Q3000 Series – Single-Sided & Work and Turn Primer Coatings

Some formulations within the Q3000 series are specifically designed for single-sided primer applications and others are designed for work-and-turn primer applications. When compared to standard products, these coatings form a film that has an enhanced ability to accept UV coatings, film laminates, oil-based varnishes, or aqueous coatings.

Q4000 Series – Matte Coatings

Within this group of matte coatings is the new “Streakless System.” Utilizing unique raw materials, this group of matte coatings has unmatched leveling qualities that eliminate film imperfections and streaking. All of the coatings in this series are pencil-receptive.

Q5000 Series – Satin Coatings

With a gloss level higher than the Q4000 matte series, the Q5000 satin series has a group of coatings that also utilize the new “Streakless System.”

Q6000 Series – Specialty Aqueous Coatings

The Q6000 series covers a wide range of specialty coatings including: low- and non-curl, blister-pak, “writeable,” nonabsorbent substrate and those with resistance to alkali materials, moisture and extreme heat.

Q7000 Series – Heatset Web and Flexography Coatings

This series of coatings is specifically designed for in-line coating on heatset web and flexo presses. Within this series are gloss, matte and satin coatings, all designed to produce even, fast drying film formation over a wide variety of inks and substrates. Specific products in this series are designed to control rub, slide angle and chemical resistance.

Q8000 Series – Ink Train Coatings

The Q8000 series of coatings are designed for in-line application of coating through the ink train of the last printing unit. This gives any sheetfed printer the ability to substitute aqueous coating in situations where oil based varnish would traditionally be used. This series includes both single-sided as well as work and turn products, available in gloss, matte and satin finishes.

Q9000 Series – Non-VOC Coatings

The series consists of aqueous gloss, satin and matte finish coatings that are specially formulated to eliminate VOC’s while maintaining superior performance. These coatings are a perfect complement to a comprehensive program to lower VOC levels in the pressroom.



Packaging – Prisco coatings are available in various packaging formats as well and can be supplied in bulk. Standard packaging includes: 265 lb. plastic drums, 480 lb. plastic drums and 2350 lb. totes.