Questar CTP 122 EU

Non-corrosive formula that complies with the requirements of press manufacturers and FOGRA.

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QUESTAR CTP 122 EU is a CTP plate-safe alcohol-free one-step fountain solution concentrate designed for use on sheetfed presses with any dampening system and can be used in all water conditions. The non-corrosive formula complies with the requirements of most press manufacturers and by FOGRA. VOC: 1.97 lb/gal (0.236 kg/l).

  • H2O Alkalinity : Low – Medium
  • Mix oz/gal(%) : 5-7 (4-5%)
  • pH : 4.6-5.2
  • Alk/Sub oz/gal(%) : N/A
  • One-step, FOGRA and ISEGA certified

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