Questar CTP One-step

One-step fountain concentrate designed for use with CTP plates.

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Questar CTP One-step Fountain Solution Concentrates are designed for use on continuously dampened sheetfed presses without the need for additional alcohol replacements. They are specially designed to have minimal adverse effect on the image area of baked or un-baked CTP and positive printing plates. They combine the latest innovations in fountain technology in easy to use one-step concentrates. “Universal” formulas, their strong buffer systems permit use in all waters.

  • H2O Alkalinity : All
  • Mix oz/gal(%) : 7-10 (5.5-8.0%)
  • pH : 4.3 – 4.5
  • Alk/Sub oz/gal(%) : N/A
  • One-step for CTP plates

Literature: Questar CTP One-step
SDS: H508