Compact systems that generate “process water” for your pressroom.



The PriscoTech MiniFlo are compact, powerful systems that generate “process water” designed for your pressroom. Process water is stable, consistent and supports the critical interactions between your fountain solution, inks, and paper on your press. When you control this key variable in your dampening system, you minimize your operating problems, reduce your waste, and improve your quality–and your profits!

The MiniFlo is designed to provide up to 125 gallons (475 liters) per day* of process water, to meet the needs of a small to medium pressroom. Choose between two production capacity units to ensure that you have an adequate supply of process water available when you need it. The MiniFlo is also an excellent way to prepare water or use with humidification systems in pre-press and digital printing areas to prevent calcium dust deposits.

Models available and production capacities*:

  • MiniFlo 80-50 – 80 gallons/day (300 l)
  • MiniFlo 125-50 – 125 gallons/day (475 l)

* Incoming water 77º F (25º C), actual output may vary, depending on local water conditions.

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