AquaMix III

Blends one-step or two-step fountain solution concentrates.



Hand mixing your water supply and fountain solution concentrate is tedious and time consuming. Human error during the mixing steps can lead to chemistry problems on press, resulting in unplanned downtime and excess waste. Eliminate those issues with the AquaMix III Blending System, which automatically and precisely mixes your Prisco fountain solution chemistry with the correct amount of treated incoming water. Shift-to-shift print quality changes due to chemistry variations are a thing of the past!

The AquaMix III Blending System treats incoming water utilizing a 10-micron carbon pre-filter to remove chlorine and other substances from the water thereby reducing chemical contamination in the process. The system utilizes the latest technology in proportioning pumping mechanisms. The AquaMix III blends one-step or two-step fountain solution concentrates and discharges the solution into a large capacity mixing tank which insures thorough mixing of all chemicals. You can enhance your pressroom operation further by choosing optional “low level” warning systems
and accurate conductivity or pH monitors.

The standard AquaMix III blends at a rate of up to 3 gallons per minute (180 gal/hr, 681 l/hr ) while the optional configuration will blend concentrates at up to 10 gallons/minute (600 gal/hr, 2271 l/hr) .

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