AquaFlo II

Supplies you with process water designed for the printing process.



Your incoming water supply varies due to seasonal changes and chemicals added by local water suppliers. The PriscoTech AquaFlo II Water Processing System supplies you with process water designed for the printing process, helping you manage the complex ink, paper and water interactions on your press. Whatever your incoming water’s characteristics, the AquaFlo II will transform it into the required starting point for your press chemistry.

The AquaFlo II generates process water through a unique combination of the latest membrane and particulate filtration techniques, carbon adsorption and chemical component stabilization technologies. Your incoming water is processed in a multi-stage pre-filtration module, and then moves into the core water processor. Our exclusive post-treatment process acts to stabilize the water before it is stored in a process water storage tank. The repressurization pumping system moves the water into your blending system or onto your press.

Models available and production capacities * :

  • AF300 – 300 gallons (1136 liters)
  • AF600 – 600 gallons (2271 liters)
  • AF900 – 900 gallons (3407 liters)
  • AF1600 – 1600 gallons (6056 liters) (3407 liters)

* Incoming water 77º F (25º C), actual output may vary, depending on local water conditions.

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