Is Your Water Wet Enough?

A key component to help wash the surface of a printing blanket is water. Many presses are equipped with automatic blanket wash systems. These systems allow for water to be sprayed onto the surface of a blanket during the washup cycle. When water is combined with the correct solvent or Pro-clean cloths during a washup cycle, it helps remove calcium and paper buildup on the blankets.

In many shops, the water used in automatic washup systems is less than efficient with regards to wetting characteristics. The wetting ability of water is referred to as surface tension. This is the force present within the surface layer of a liquid that causes the layer to behave as an elastic sheet. If the surface tension of water is too high, water molecules hold on tightly to each other and do not want to separate or “spread”. The result is poorer wetting of the blanket’s surface. This, in turn, can prolong a washup cycle and diminish the cleaning of paper and calcium buildup.

Prisco ATR (Autowash Tension Reducer)

To help improve blanket cleaning and minimize the time needed for washup cycles, use Prisco ATR (Autowash Tension Reducer). It reduces the surface tension of water when added to the water reservoir of an autowash system. As a result, water is efficiently distributed through spray systems. This allows for a more thorough cleaning of blankets during a washup cycle. ATR has also been found to be effective when added to water used for cleaning back cylinders on presses.

If you would like to try this product in your autowash system(s), please contact your local Prisco sales rep to obtain a sample. To download the product literature for this product, click here.