Prisco ATR

Water tension reducer for blanket autowash systems.

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PRISCO ATR (Autowash Tension Reducer) is a concentrate designed to facilitate automatic blanket cleaning on the press. It also keeps the water and reservoir of an automatic blanket and roller washup system in optimum condition. Additionally, PRISCO ATR reduces friction of dry cloths and Pro-Clean rolls during a washup cycle which in turn dramatically improves the removal of excessive paper and calcium buildup on blankets. Regular use of the product will assure that an effective and constant supply of water will be available for the wash cycle for thorough cleaning. If dry cloths or Pro-Clean rolls feel dry when using PRISCO ATR in automatic washup systems, program the water to spray onto the roll before the first pad-on. This will help to lubricate dry cloths and activate solvent contained in Pro-Clean rolls.

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SDS: C821