Optimizing Performance

A key selling feature for any print job is the use of an aqueous or energy-curable coating. Such coatings are often applied to the finished product to give it a certain look or feel. The type of coating selected will have a dramatic visual impact on how the printed piece is perceived by the customer.

Since there are a variety of coatings one can use for a printed job, it is imperative that any coating chosen is run at optimal levels. This will ensure that the desired look of the coating will be what the end user wants.

The Film Weight Test

One way to optimize the performance of coatings on the press is to measure the exact amount of coating being applied to the substrate. The method Prisco uses for checking this measurement is known as the Film Weight Test. When such a test is performed on a regular basis, it will reveal whether or not coatings are being applied at the correct levels.

If the coating film weight is insufficient, quality problems can result such as poor rub resistance and sub-standard gloss levels. Conversely, when the correct amount of coating is applied to the sheet, the finished product will have the desired look and feel the customer is paying for.

Prisco offers the Coating Film Weight Test service to its customers and would be happy to help you optimize coating performance on your press. If you would like a Prisco Technical Representative to perform this test in your pressroom, please contact us at (973) 589-7800, and we’ll be glad to send someone out. To learn more about the coatings we manufacture, please visit us on the web at Prisco Coatings.