An Ounce Of Prevention …

When you think of things in life that require maintenance, what comes to your mind? Your teeth, car, appliances, home, or even your spouse? If you’re in the printing industry, it’s the costly investment sitting on your pressroom floor: the printing press. A modern-day offset press is a sophisticated (and pricey) piece of equipment. When well maintained, it can produce hundreds of millions of quality impressions.

However, one may feel that there just isn’t time in a busy production schedule to do the necessary maintenance. If that’s been the case in your shop, consider the actual price of poor quality work caused by a lack of maintenance. Ink feedback, stripping, high water speeds, erratic color control can cost thousands of dollars in press downtime and work that has to be reprinted.

Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

That said, have you ever thought of how a literal ounce of prevention can be the cure for printing woes? Take, for example, an ounce of Chrome Roller Cleaner (CRC). A small amount of CRC can have a major impact on improving the efficiency of a press water system. When that system is properly maintained, the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to apply this product to the rollers.

According to a report from McKinsey Global Institute on the Internet of Things, predictive maintenance can lead to a savings of anywhere from $200 billion to $600 billion for manufacturers by 2025.* To ensure you receive your portion of those dollar savings, include CRC in your press maintenance program. If you do, you will see improvements in the quality of work being printed as well as increased savings from reduced spoilage.

To learn more about CRC, CLICK HERE to download the product literature. If you would like to obtain a sample, please contact your local Prisco sales representative, or give us a call at 973-589-7800.