Powerklene VC

Strong cleaning, moderate drying.

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Prisco Powerklene VC is a strong cleaning, moderate drying wash for cleaning oil-based inks from rubber rollers and blankets.

NOTE: In some scenarios, Powerklene VC can be used to effectively clean UV ink from plastic and metal parts such as ink knives, ink fountains, and anilox rollers. However, Powerklene VC should not be used to clean UV inks from EPDM rubber rollers or blankets. Only use Prisco UV specified washes for ink removal from EPDM materials.

  • Application: Sheetfed, Web Wash
  • Ink type: Oil-based/Conventional
  • Water Miscible: Yes
  • Vapor Pressure (mmHg) : 0
  • VOC lb/gal (kg/l) : 5.67 (.68)
  • Flash Point (°F/°C) : 167 / 75
  • Strong cleaner

SDS: A185