Powerklene WM-S

Water miscible, strong cleaning, moderate drying, recyclable.

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Prisco Powerklene WM Special is a strong cleaning, moderate drying, water miscible wash for oil based inks. The product is often used with solvent recycling systems. Powerklene WM Special is an effective cleaner which uses special ink penetrating surfactants.

  • Application : Sheetfed, Web Wash
  • Ink type : Oil based/Conventional
  • Water Miscible : Yes
  • Vapor Pressure (mmHg) : 2.7
  • VOC lb/gal (kg/l) : 6.70 (.80)
  • Flash Point (°F/°C) : 106/41
  • Environmental Notes : HAPS, SARA 313, NONPHOTOREACTIVE
  • Recylable solvent

Literature: Powerklene WM Special
SDS: A711

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