Why Control Humidity?

When printing with an offset or digital press, one important factor to monitor is the humidity of your pressroom. Why? Because a critical component used in the printing process is paper. Since paper is hygroscopic in nature, it will either absorb moisture from a damp atmosphere or release moisture to a dry atmosphere.

Drastic changes in the moisture content of paper can cause serious issues. An environment too low in humidity will pull moisture from a substrate causing its edges to lose dimensional stability. This will allow the paper to curl and compromise its stable delivery through the press.

Another issue that can occur in low humidity situations, especially during the winter months, is the buildup of static electricity. A static charge occurs as a result of friction and relative humidity (RH) of ambient air below 45%. When RH levels are kept between 45-50%, static is reduced as it leaks to the ground through the moisture content of the atmosphere. Lower static levels in turn help minimize stacking and folding problems which leads to higher throughput and less downtime.

The Ideal Scenario

Many studies indicate the ideal environment for paper is an atmosphere with an RH of 45-50% at 72 degrees. To help you meet this criterion for your offset or digital pressroom, PriscoTech has a wide variety of specialized humidification systems.

Our PriscoTech systems can handle the needs of any pressroom, large or small. They also have advanced features to help you precisely control humidity and moisture. To find out which setup is right for you, please email us at [email protected].