E-Cure H-UV 890

Reticulating effect overprint H-UV Varnish.

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Prisco E-Cure H-UV 890 is a reticulating effect overprint H-UV Varnish. It is designed to be applied in the last ink unit of the press and used in combination with the E-Cure H-UV 891 H-UV Reticulating Gloss Coating applied in the coating unit. The varnish and coating combination is engineered to create a reticulated or ‘orange peel’ effect on the printed piece. The E-Cure H-UV 890 is applied litho to the plate and blanket of the last ink unit. The varnish is applied to the areas of the sheet where the reticulation is desired. The varnish film weight can be varied to change the desired effect. Where the coating is applied in areas without varnish it will remain smooth and glossy producing a smooth versus rough contrasting effect on the sheet. This product is designed to have excellent flexibility and adhesion properties.

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