Powerklene EWS-NW

High strength, moderate drying, water miscible, for oil based and hybrid inks, meets SCAQMD regulations.

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PRISCO Powerklene EWS-NW is a high strength, moderate drying, cleaner for oil based and hybrid inks that meets SCAQMD regulations for low-VOC washes. The product is water miscible to allow for de-linting and de-glazing with the addition of water. The use of 10 % water is a good starting point.

  • Application : Sheetfed
  • Ink type : Oil-based/Conventional, Hybrid
  • Water Miscible : Yes
  • Vapor Pressure (mmHg) : 3.38
  • VOC lb/gal (kg/l) : .79 (.09)
  • Flash Point (°F/°C) : 106/41
  • Environmental Notes : NONPHOTOREACTIVE
  • Use with water

Literature: Powerklene EWS-NW
SDS: A672