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    Prisco is your one source for inks and consumables for all HP Industrial Inkjet systems sold by PriscoDigital. Please contact your local Prisco sales representative for more details. 

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    UV Replacement Bulbs

    Maintenance Kits and Cleaning Fluids

    HP Industrial Inkjet inks

    HP Industrial Inkjet Inks are formulated and manufactured by HP to work together with HP large-format inkjet printers. Designing and developing the printhead, ink, and printer together creates high-performing, dependable printing systems — just what users need to achieve great results. 

    The HP ink offering includes latex, solvent, UV-curable and water-based inks, all available in a variety of formulations. Used with HP Industrial Inkjet printers, the inks produce dry, ready-to-use, durable images with a large color gamut on a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates. The inks are designed for specific HP wide-format printing systems, ensuring accurate color reproduction and compatibility.  

    Ink and Accessories for Current HP Industrial Inkjet Systems

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  • Ink and Accessories for HP Legacy Inkjet Printers

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    HP Scitex FB6100/TEMPO Consumables HP Scitex FB6100/TEMPO Consumables

    HP Designjet L25500 Consumables  HP Designjet L25500 Consumables