• Color Management and Workflow



    GMG_ProductionSuiteGMG ProductionSuite is an all-in-one software solution for automated, standardized and color consistent Wide-Format production. ProductionSuite is a modular Macintosh or Windows based production system, consisting of ProductionEditor™, RIP, SmartProfiler™ and PrintStation™. Additional modules may be purchased to allow for simultaneous multiple operations on a mixed environment of PC's and Mac's. The suite allows for TrueShape Nesting and has an EcoSave function for ink savings.

    • ProductionSuite Editor - This module is used for data preflighting, adaptation for printing, and job preparation for subsequent finishing operations. PDF editing can be done for text and images. The module can also add and edit White and Silver channels
    • RIP - Rasterizes files for output, applies color management and any necessary color  transformations.
    • SmartProfiler - This software module is used for calibrating and profiling printers to create custom color profiles 
    • PrintStation - Drivers for over 800 different printing, cutting and CtS (direct-to-screen) devices


    GMG_Colorserver GMG ColorServer is a sophisticated color management application that reduces the time and effort required to check and then normalize PDF files and apply color management. The software provides fully automatic color conversions to insure that color is consistent no matter the printing process used for the file.



    GMG SmartProfiler - This software module is wizard for calibrating and profiling printers to create custom color profiles for ColorServer


    GMG_ColorProof GMG ColorProof provides a complete solution for easy and reliable proofing for the toughest quality demands! GMG ColorProof is the most professional software solution for producing digital, absolute color-accurate contract proofs. GMG ColorProof contains all the components needed for high-end proofing applications, including calibrations and color profiles. The printing result is accurately simulated on the basis of GMG's DeviceLink technology.



    Product Number Product Details
    GMG-PS   GMG Production Suite   The all-in-one solution for automated, standardized and color consistent Wide-Format Production 
    GMG-CS   GMG ColorServer   Creates uniform color standards within seconds 
    GMC-SP   GMG SmartProfiler   Create individual color profiles and printer calibrations within seconds 
    GMG-CP   GMG ColorProof   Easy and reliable proofing with a complete solution for the toughest quality demands!