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    is proud to bring our wide-format inkjet production customers a total solution, with finishing equipment distributed by Foster. We chose Foster equipment over other distributors due to the outstanding design and rugged construction to complement the high productivity of our industrial wide- and super-wide format inkjet systems. 

    The four keys to finishing success. PriscoDigital was happy to assist in your selection of the best wide-format inkjet printing system for the business. However, for maximum quality and efficiency you certainly don’t want to compromise on the finishing end of your production operations. Foster suggests these four finishing essentials for your plant:



    The Workhorse 

    Keencut SteelTrak™ - The superior multi-substrate sheet material cutter 

    Built to handle oversized materials, the SteelTrak is all about high production volume, slicing effortlessly through the tougher, thicker rigid and semi-rigid substrates used in today’s marketplace. 

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    The Precision Solution. 

    Keencut Evolution™-E2 - The most complete, accurate and user friendly manual cutter ever built for wide format digital applications! 

    The Evolution-E2 three-in-one rotary cutter cuts semi-rigid, flexible and fabric materials. Achieve ultra-precise cuts even on materials up to 12 feet in length. Perfect for cutting tradeshow panels that require seamless splices.





    The Time Saver. 

    Advanced Rotary Cutter - Accurate cutting of a range of materials 

    Working with flexible rolled media? The Advanced Rotary Cutter allows operators to trim cleanly at the registration point as the print rolls off the printer. Allows for quick separations of prints, avoids handheld knife slips and eliminates final finish trimming. 

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    The Portable Assistant.

    Keen™ Safety Straight Edge 

    Our lightweight aluminum Safety Straight Edges offer the ultimate in convenience. Carry these portable trimming tools with you for on-the-fly cuts. 

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    Keencut On-A-Roll Media Lifter™ 

    Say goodbye to dollies, pallet jacks and sore backs. Designed specifically for grand and wide format printers, sign makers, and anyone responsible for lifting wide or heavy media rolls, the On-A-Roll Lifter™ will save your back, save you money and save time.

    Product Number Product Details
    61560 On-A-Roll Lifter (rolls up to 8.2’) On-A-Roll Lifter™ for picking rolls up to 8.2’ wide
    61562 On-A-Roll Lifter (rolls up to 16.4’) On-A-Roll Lifter™ for picking rolls up to 16.4’ wide