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    ColorThink_100Chromix™ ColorThink™ Pro contains toolsets to manage, repair, evaluate and graph ICC profiles. The software assist you in with understanding and managing your color better than ever before. The application is composed of modules for visualizing, evaluating & solving color problems. ColorThink Pro, the latest version, has been enhanced with the addition of over 100 new features.  The enhanced user interface (Color Worksheet) of  ColorThink Pro simplifies image, color and profile evaluation while negating the need for some of the tools required in the previous version..


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    CX-ColorThink Chromix ColorThink Pro




    Curvelogo_150Chromix Curve3 is the latest version of software designed to simplify the G7 calibration process, assist in monitoring the process and improve its effectiveness. From basic pre-qualification tools that verify ink and paper colors, to conformance metrics for NPDC and gray balance, Curve3 elevates the whole process of G7 calibration and monitoring.

    All aspects of a G7 calibration are contained in a single file. Successive press runs are linked to previous runs so that Curve3 can accurately calculate new curves based on previous curves, perform run-to-run checks, and qualify how accurately a particular run or sample meets the G7 definition. Curves can be exported as device link profiles, Photoshop(tm) curves, text files and RIP configuration files. Curve2 can also display the "Measured" percentages required by some RIPs, instead of the more common "Wanted" percentages.


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    CXC3 Chromix Curve3